Chany's Hong Kong Trip 2002

2002 September 14 - 29


This was my first trip to Hong Kong; I had accepted a consulting assignment, so this gave me the opportunity to see the Far East on expenses!

Here are some details on the trip:

Airfare:  CAD $1398 on Air Canada (good for 12740 Aeroplan points!)

Hotel: MetroPark Hotel (Sept 14-22) and the Hotel New Harbour (Sept 22-28)

Exchange Rate: Approximately 4.9 HK$ per 1 CAD

Climate: Hot (25 to 30 degrees C) and humid; torrential rain the first couple of days

Fake Rolex Submariner Watch: HK$ 235


Here's a few pictures (click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

View from MetroPark Hotel View of Hong Kong and Kowloon from the MetroPark Hotel
Kowloon and Hong Kong Harbour Here I am looking out over Hong Kong Harbour and Kowloon
Me and Hong Kong With Hong Kong in the background, it was a pleasant evening ...
View From Hong Kong Tram The streets of Hong Kong from the front seat on the upper deck of the tram car.
Wireless Networking in Hong Kong Look who's surfing the Internet with a wireless network connection on the streets of Hong Kong.
Outside the Hotel New Harbour The surrounding area outside the Hotel New Harbour
Overlooking Happy Valley Race Track Here I am overlooking the Hong Kong's Happy Valley Horse Racing Track (Pau Ma Tei)
Lanterns of the Harvest Moon Festival Lanterns on display for the Harvest Moon Festival
Nathan Road at night A view at night of Nathan Road (in Kowloon)
Hong Kong skyline at night At night, the lights of the Hong Kong shimmer across the harbour.

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